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Brad Hompe, MPA has served more than 30 years in public safety in roles in law enforcement, corrections, firefighting, and professional consulting. His corrections experience with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections-WI-DOC includes roles as an officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, unit supervisor, deputy warden, warden, detention facilities specialist-jail inspector, and corrections complaint examiner within the office of internal affairs. Additionally, Brad has served as a trainer and educator for the WI-DOC, several technical colleges, and universities. Brad was an Emergency Response Commander and use of force agency trainer for the WI-DOC. In addition to his correction experience Brad was a police cadet for the Rochester, MN police department and a firefighter for the City of Boscobel, WI and Town of Burlington, WI. 

Since 2011, Brad has provided various consulting services to jurisdictions nation-wide that involve litigation, risk management, facility and operations assessment, use of force, environment conditions, classification, fire and life safety, security, suicide assessments, training, segregation practices, staffing analysis and facility design and renovation. Brad has provided consultation to agencies involved in litigation with the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as well as those involved in other litigation, settlement agreement or consent decrees. Brad has developed and trained staff in a use of force program developed specific to corrections. Brad serves as an expert witness in the areas of jail and prison operations as well as corrections use of force. 

Brad also serves as a technical resource provider for the United States Department of Justice-National Institute of Corrections and has completed numerous projects nation-wide including facility and operations assessments. Assessment areas included risk management, use of force, staffing, operations management, conditions of confinement, population management, programming, facility design, needs assessment and planning.   

Bard is also employed by Lexipol and has provided consulting/contract services to Lexipol in the past as a corrections subject matter expert. Brad has provided training and policy development as well as policy implementation services for Lexipol.  Brad has provided learning webinars and articles specific to corrections for Lexipol and Corrections 1. Lexipol provides policy, learning, grant services, accreditation, and wellness services to public safety agencies. 

In addition to his role in public safety Brad serves his local community as a board member as has been the chairperson since 2011. 

Brad received his master’s degree in public administration from the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Winona State University. In addition, Brad has completed the law enforcement certification courses in Wisconsin and Minnesota and received his firefighter 1 certification in the Wisconsin. 

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