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Brad provides a wide range of jail and prison consulting services with the goal of improving operations and safety while reducing liability.  Services include general operational assessments and risk management assessments. Clients benefit from these services as they are provided a detailed report outlining the assessment findings as well as recommendations for improvement. 

Focused assessments are also provided for those that wish to assess a specific operational area such as a use of force program, suicide prevention program, or other operational areas. 

Incident assessments or investigations are also provided. This may include use of force incident reviews, suicide/mortality reviews, or other incident reviews. 

In addition to assessment services, Brad helps in gaining and maintaining compliance. This may include planning services, development, implementation, and monitoring services.  Brad has provided services in this area for agencies under a settlement agreement or consent decree. 

Brad has provided these services nationwide both independently and as a Technical Assistance Provider for the US Department of Justice. 

Expert Witness

Brad provides Expert witness services in the areas of jail and prison operations as well as corrections use of force. 

Planning & Design

Brad aids with jail planning and jail design by providing needs assessments, facility assessments, planning, jail design assistance, and project monitoring. 

Building a jail is one of the most expensive investments for a city or county. Having a consultant on board to represent your needs is a must to ensure you end up with a product that will meet your needs when built and well into the future. Brad will not only assist with planning, but he will also sit at the table as an expert throughout the design process to ensure architects and contractors provide you with the very best design to meet your operational needs and provide quality components to ensure your facility will last over time. Additionally, Brad can assist with construction monitoring to ensure compliance with the approved plan and assist with any change orders necessary. 


Brad also has a vast background in developing and delivering jail training and prison training. Brad will develop and/or deliver training specific to your needs. Brad has developed and delivered training in corrections use of force as well as in many other topic areas such as suicide prevention, professionalism, emergency preparedness, cell extraction, and CERT and ERU team training. 

Past Experience

Past Consulting Projects

City of St. Louis, City Justice Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Jail capacity and crowding review, 2020

Jail Operations Review – Corrections Task Force appointed by the mayor, 2021

Walworth County, Selby, South Dakota

Jail needs assessment, 2017

Jail design, owner’s representative, RFP development, architect selection, design development, 2018

Jail operations improvement review, planning and implementation, 2018

Jail design development, 2021

Metropolitan Detention Center, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Use of force program review, policy development, and training

Response to litigation and settlement, 2014/2015

Lake County Jail, Lake County, Indiana

Operations consultant in response to settlement agreement with US Department of Justice- Special Litigation Unit

Use of force – protection from harm, security/key control, fire safety, sanitation, maintenance, laundry, food service, policy, and use of force training

Program and policy development including a corrections specific use of force training program, 2011-2016

Lake County Jail, Lake County, Indiana

Death/mortality review, 2016

Lexipol LLC, Frisco, Texas

Jail policy and training development, 2013-2016

US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, National Institute of Corrections, Washington, DC 

Charles B. Webster Detention Center, Richmond County, Richmond, Virginia

Operational assessment, 2016  

District of Columbia Department of Corrections, Washington, DC

Assessment of the use of force program and contraband control, 2018

Walworth County Jail, Selby, South Dakota

Facility and operations assessment, 2017

City of St. Louis Department of Public Safety, St. Louis, Missouri

Medium Security Facility operations assessment, 2018

Nash County Jail, Nash County Sheriff’s Office, Nashville, North Carolina

Facility and operations assessment, 2019

Jefferson County Jail, Birmingham Alabama

Operations review with focus on juvenile housing and operations, 2022

Expert Witness Experience

Use of Force:

Phillip Keller v. Gerald Berge (DOC). Case No.01-C-653-S United States District Court –Western District of Wisconsin. Affidavit and expert review only. Dismissed.

Rodosvaldo Pozo v. Esser… (DOC). Case No. 01-C-0533-S United States District Court –Western District of Wisconsin. Dismissed per jury trial. Testimony also provided in Grant CO John Doe hearing.

Wilfredo Mediaceja v. Lt Horner… (DOC). Case No. 02-009-S United States District Court –Western District of Wisconsin. Dismissed per jury trial. Testimony also provided in Grant CO John Doe hearing.

Donald Nichols v. Officers Bliss… (DOC) Case No. 02-C-245-C United States District Court –Western District of Wisconsin. Affidavit and expert review only. Dismissed per settlement.

Joshua Aney v. DOC… Case No.02-C-0131-C United States District Court-Western district of Wisconsin.  Affidavit and expert review only. Dismissed per summary judgment.

Sammy Gates v. Sergeant Hoffman… (DOC) Case No. 03-C-053-S United States District Court- Western District. Affidavit and expert review only. Dismissed per summary judgment.

Lake County Indiana Sheriff:

Civil Case No. 2:13 CV 315, Mohamad Elmusa v. Lake County Indiana Sheriff John Buncich, officially, et al.  Written expert opinion provided. Dismissed per summary judgment. 

De’Von Bean V. Cuyahoga County… Case No. Case No.  1:19-CV-01000. Written expert opinion provided. Case settlement.  

Fairfax County Virginia-Cook, Craig, Francuzanko Attorneys at Law:

Case No: 2016-07832, Estate of Natasha McKenna vs. Stacey Kincaid, Sheriff et. al. Case settlement. 

Robert St. Onge v. Hillsborough County Case No. 1:20-CV-00935-PB. Written expert opinion provided. Case pending. 

Jail Operations:

Jerry W. Fox v. Janet Schneider, et al… Case No. 4:10CV1138MLM United States District Court- Eastern District of Missouri-Eastern Division. Expert opinion and deposition. Dismissed per summary judgement.  

Smokey Dillon Studebaker V. County of Macon, IL, and Thomas P. Schneider, as Sheriff. No. 12-cv-02187-MPM-DGB. Expert Opinion and deposition provided. Dismissed per summary judgment.

Michael Davidow v. Hillsborough County, Case No. 216-2020-CV-00720. Written expert opinion provided. Case pending. 

Conference Speaking Presentations:

Wisconsin Jail Association Conference: Staff Wellness and Inmate Suicide Prevention

Wisconsin Department of Justice Criminal Information Bureau Conference: Suicide Prevention in Jails

Wisconsin Counties Association Conference: Mental Health Care in Jails

Wisconsin Jail Administrators Conference: Suicide Prevention

Wisconsin Jail Healthcare Conference: Security Awareness for Non-Security Staff

Juvenile Superintendent’s Conference: Suicide Prevention

Wisconsin Jail Administrators Conference: Orientation & Best Practices for New Jail Administrators

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